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6 reasons why UX is important for your business

By Rachawan Visavacheevinanan on Sep 21, 2020

Good UX saves time and resources in the development phase and increases SEO rankings, drives organic traffic and conversion rates. For businesses to be reputable in the market, creating brand value and user satisfaction is enhanced through UX design. UX Design focuses on the improvement of digital product’s functionality, including its ease of use and […]

5 Digital Transformation Pitfalls to Avoid in 2020

By Phraewa Limviphuwat on Sep 11, 2020

Business solutions should be prioritised as well as incorporate digital solutions to business strategies.  Workers with a silo mentality may prevent their businesses from being digitally innovative as there is a lack of trust and collaboration in the workplace.  Misguided transformation goals will stop business from successfully meeting the expectations of consumers today.  Ignoring the […]

The Industries Embracing Personalisation

By Panchanit Thawornwong on Sep 11, 2020

The trend towards the personalisation of customer experience is increasing exponentially as their choices and options grow. To deliver the best customer experiences, brands must be able to not only offer customised solutions but personalised ones too. Personalisation has been shown to increase brand loyalty, improve customer experiences and generate growth for businesses. Digital transformation […]

Five trends in Digital Product Development

By Phraewa Limviphuwat on Aug 28, 2020

Being data driven allows products to strategically tackle and plan for future difficulties as well as gain insight into market changes.  A strong focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) and UX writing can increase organic traffic and allow businesses to attract the right pool of audience.  Client engagement takes into account the client’s feedback, ensuring […]

Five trends in UX/UI design

By Phraewa Limviphuwat on Aug 28, 2020

Rapid growth in the number of website creators incorporating animated and motion features into foundations of their interface design. Oversized bold typography increases the users’ time spent on a website but is known to be ineffective at driving conversions. Neomorphism represents the future of UI design, incorporating futuristic and minimal elements into its outline. More […]

We’re open for business during the Coronavirus crisis

By Jeremie Tisseau on Mar 24, 2020

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, we just want to take a moment to update you on Morphosis’ approach to keeping our employees, partners, and clients safe, as well as to assure you that we will remain diligent in our operations throughout this time.  It is our top priority that appropriate measures are taken and […]

Challenges in User Interview

By Punn on Jan 20, 2020

Conducting user interviews are one of the most common methods used during the research process. And although there are plenty of techniques to ensure your interview session runs smoothly, there may be unforeseen and uncontrollable challenges that arise. In this blog, I’ve collected some challenges from my own experience as a UX Designer that may […]

Why empty states shouldn’t be empty

By Thitaree Sawettatat on Jan 15, 2020

Empty state screens are mostly ignored until the UI is almost done, then you suddenly realize some screens might be empty at certain times. So why not make your life easier and slap on an error message and call it a day.

Experience Dark UI

By Sorra-at Tekaew on Jan 15, 2020

Dark UI web design is becoming increasingly popular and can have an elegant and creative appeal. They are also ideal for many types of products; however, they are not compatible for all websites and should be used with careful consideration. Despite a striking visual impact that dark UIs possess, many designers are unable to execute […]

Inclusive UX Design: Why designing for the extreme benefits everyone

By Punn on Jan 15, 2020

Imagine a playground with only 1 type of swing that requires you to be a specific height and to have 2 arms and 2 legs. Evidently, the only people who will come are people who are compatible with the swing, simply because the design welcomes them and no one else. However, there are various ways […]

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