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50 Digital Transformation Statistics You Need to Know

By Rachawan Visavacheevinanan on Oct 07, 2020

For the past decade, digital transformation has become paramount to the survival and growth of businesses from all corners of the world. To help get you up to date with digital transformation, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of digital transformation statistics below, which can be broken down into the following categories: Digital transformation across different […]

Good UX/UI Design for a Successful Mobile Application Development

By Rachawan Visavacheevinanan on Oct 06, 2020

UX/UI design helps create easy-to-use applications with smooth navigation systems to minimise users’ efforts. Great UX/UI will lead to higher retention.  A good UX/UI design provides a realistic impression of your app, giving users a continuous supply of valuable information. Investing in UX/UI design helps save time and money from continuous app maintenance and upgrades. […]

Here Are 3 Ways We Use Scrum Processes to Boost Productivity

By Rachawan Visavacheevinanan on Sep 29, 2020

Scrum not only increases productivity through cutting down on time,  but it also keeps teams focused on the most critical aspects of the product development cycle.  The scrum process inspects each batch of the product and tests its functionality as they are developed, and then encourages appropriate adjustments to be made based on research and […]

5 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Both UX and SEO

By Rachawan Visavacheevinanan on Sep 25, 2020

When combined, UX and SEO work together seamlessly to provide consumers with optimal experiences on your digital products.  They provide a reliable source of information along with interesting features that can prove your company as highly valuable and useful. They reveal your business’s online identity and show users your efficient and stable working framework which […]

Five Trends to Mobile App Development

By Phraewa Limviphuwat on Sep 25, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and App learning can identify and predict users’ activities and complete tasks based on the algorithms collected.   When being applied to mobile applications, blockchain technology ensures that users’ private information is kept secured, while also speeding up the transaction process.  Internet of Thing (IoT) is an ecosystem network that contains data from […]

Five Trends to UX Research and Strategy

By Phraewa Limviphuwat on Sep 25, 2020

A/B testing allows researchers to figure out what design works best for the users and what doesn’t.  Personas help improve researchers’ understanding of user behaviour by representing the target audience. Usability testing is a new technique of evaluating design interfaces by observing real users to uncover issues and seek improvements.  Card sorting gives researchers a […]

How Design Thinking Can Help Your Digital Product Development Process

By Sawyer Lahr on Sep 24, 2020

Clients and partners often ask us if design thinking always has to be linear. And our answer is always, no.  That’s because design thinking is not always used from the early stages of product development. Design thinking is often an a la cart item or a checklist item for organisations next to other buzz words […]

6 Reasons Why UX Is Important For Your Business

By Rachawan Visavacheevinanan on Sep 21, 2020

Good UX ultimately saves time and resources in the development phase in order for your business to run efficiently. Capturing leads and increases your site SEO rankings, drives organic traffic and conversions rates by facilitating good user experience. For businesses to be reputable in the market, creating brand value and user satisfaction is enhanced through […]

5 Digital Transformation Pitfalls to Avoid in 2021

By Phraewa Limviphuwat on Sep 11, 2020

Business solutions should be prioritised as well as incorporate digital solutions to business strategies.  Workers with a silo mentality may prevent their businesses from being digitally innovative as there is a lack of trust and collaboration in the workplace.  Misguided transformation goals will stop business from successfully meeting the expectations of consumers today.  Ignoring the […]

The Industries Embracing Personalisation

By Panchanit Thawornwong on Sep 11, 2020

The trend towards the personalisation of customer experience is increasing exponentially as their choices and options grow. To deliver the best customer experiences, brands must be able to not only offer customised solutions but personalised ones too. Personalisation has been shown to increase brand loyalty, improve customer experiences and generate growth for businesses. Digital transformation […]

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