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What are the benefits of developing your own digital product?

Today, digital products are the central touchpoint between customers and your business.

Gone are the days where customers visit your physical store without prior research online. Businesses with a simple and generic online presence will fail to differentiate themselves in the digital era.

But with a digital product tailored to your business, you will gain a competitive advantage in capturing and converting more customers online.

Here are the key benefits of building your own digital product:

  • Access to a global market: Widen your customer reach with your own online platform.
  • Unique online presence: Differentiate yourself from your competitors. 
  • Full creative control: Custom-made digital products that perfectly fit your business requirements.
  • Scalability: Automate your internal processes to scale your business with minimal friction.
  • Cost reduction: Streamline your workflow with digital products and lower your overhead costs.
  • Effective marketing: Gain insightful business intelligence data to improve your marketing efforts. 

With a professional team of digital product developers, we are able to ensure that your final product is well optimised to impress your customers and deliver real results for your business.

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Why does your business need an optimised digital product?

Faulty digital products can be extremely harmful for your business. 

User experience frustrations have been shown to be the top reason why customers leave online platforms and never return. 

For this reason, your digital product needs to be optimised to ensure that you are providing a seamless online user experience.
With a professional team of digital product developers, we are able to ensure that your final product is well optimised to impress your customers and deliver real results for your business.

Common optimisation errors to avoid:

  • Your digital product isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Broken navigation buttons on your homepage
  • Extremely slow loading times
  • Unsecured servers
  • Display bugs on key product pages

Digital product development planning

What does building a minimum viable product require?

Whether you are a startup or a business planning to build a new vertical, developing a minimum viable product (MVP) is the first step in penetrating the market.

Simply put, an MVP is a version of your product that is, at minimum, able to deliver a solution to your customers, satisfy them and collect feedback for future development. 

Unlike optimising a final product, creating an entire MVP from scratch requires a lot of product development expertise. Through working with various companies in Southeast Asia’s startup space, we have been able to identify the following key requirements for building an MVP:

  • Agile development team: Agile development teams will be able to efficiently develop and test different prototypes before launching the MVP. 
  • Design thinking: From ideation to execution, design thinking frameworks can help expedite the MVP development process.
  • Idea validation: Validating initial MVP ideas is central to its success.
  • Qualified and experienced developers: An experienced team of developers will help minimise bugs and errors on the MVP. 
  • User feedback: Having a systematic way of collecting user feedback will be key to improving the MVP and taking it to the next development stage. 

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Our 7-step digital product development process

At Morphosis, we provide end-to-end digital product design and development services. Our research and strategy, design, and development teams work hand-in-hand to help all our clients build the best possible product that drives revenue for their businesses. 

To do so, we’ve devised a 7-step digital product development process that ensures every single project is delivered on schedule.

Step 1: UX Research and strategy

We kick off our projects by conducting UX research and crafting digital strategies for our clients. This process involves various idea validation activities, including stakeholder interviews, customer journey mapping, user interviews, and more.

Once we’ve gathered data and formed a digital strategy for our clients, we start the digital platform’s design process.

Step 2: UX / UI Design

Our design team at Morphosis has developed a comprehensive design process that delivers the best results for our clients.

This process includes creating user stories and flow charts, followed by wireframing and UX prototyping. To learn more about these processes, visit our UX / UI design service page.

Step 3: Development planning

Once the design team hands off the project to our development team, we start planning key development sprints, set milestones and conduct risk management during the development planning phase. 

This phase is crucial for the digital product development process, regardless of whether we are providing web development services or mobile app development services. This is because mistakes during the planning phase could lead to detrimental errors in the product’s later development stages. This will, in turn, cost the client more money.

To ensure that we minimise development costs for all our clients, our development team are well trained to meticulously plan out each project and account for the potential risks that could occur. 

Step 4: Development sprint

As part of our Agile development process, our digital product development team conducts ‘sprints’ which involves finishing a set of tasks within a limited amount of time. 

Development sprints enable us to track our progress throughout the entire development process. Which allows us to set accurate and realistic time frames for the digital product development process with our clients. 

Step 5: Quality assurance

Quality assurance occurs throughout the entire development process. Essentially, this process involves the continuous reviewing and inspection of every development assignment.

Development sprints, along with quality assurance, allows us to speed up our product development process without compromising the quality of the final product. Ultimately, this will also reduce the costs of production for our clients and help them deliver valuable solutions to customers at a faster pace. 

Step 6: Staging Deployment

Once we have developed the features of the final product, we are ready to deploy the product in a ‘staging’ environment to analyse how it will function once it goes live. 

This is the final step before launching the product, so it is crucial that we conduct all the appropriate performance testings during the staging process to spot any outstanding functional errors.

Step 7: Launch and maintenance

After launching the product, we also provide support and maintenance services for our clients. Digital platforms have a transformative nature, where countless new features, product pages and contact points are being added and removed over time. 

To make sure that these changes do not negatively impact the product’s performance, our maintenance team will provide technical support to keep the product healthy, allowing it to continue performing at high standards. 

Digital product development process

Industries we’ve worked with

Our digital product development team has worked with industry leaders throughout Asia. We treat our clients as business partners, helping them scale their digital platform with strategic product development practices. This approach has allowed us to expand our global portfolio and work with the following industries:

Financial services

  • Tours & Activities
  • OmiseGo
  • 2C2P

News & Entertainment

  • BBC
  • TopGear
  • Burda Thailand


  • Ocean Glass
  • Ascend
  • Das Intergroup

Travel & Hospitality

  • Agoda
  • AskAva
  • Gogoji
  • Co van Kessel


  • Manulife
  • Oohoo


  • Bangkok Hospital
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital

Food delivery

  • Food Panda


  • BCG


  • Redd

Real Estate

  • Arthur Online
  • Home Connect


  • Starfish
  • AIP Internship

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Meet our digital product development team

At Morphosis Digital Consultancy, we have built a strong and experienced team of developers, consisting both veterans in the field and young innovative minds.

With our expertise in Ruby on Rails development, we embed cutting-edge development practices like Agile and Scrum into our processes, enabling our development team to seamlessly execute digital strategies and deliver quality products to some of Asia’s biggest brands.

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