Digital Product Strategy

Digital product strategies that put you ahead of your competitors.

Digital product strategy: Developing the right product for your users

When creating a digital product strategy, users need to be put at the centre of every decision-making process.

From user research and strategic UX design to digital product development, our team at Morphosis has been developing digital product strategies for over 15 years. We understand the importance of delivering dynamic products that can accommodate rapidly growing customer expectations.

To help you achieve your business goals, it is absolutely essential that you correctly position your digital product for your target market. This means identifying the nuances of your customers’ behaviour, crafting a customer retention strategy and developing a scalable product.

Learn more about developing a digital product strategy in the following sections:

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What makes a good digital product strategy?

Simply put, a good digital product strategy is one that enables you to achieve your business goals. 

A well crafted digital product strategy should also provide a roadmap that details how you can design, develop and position your digital product to widen your customer reach, increase your revenue and scale your business.

But the most important factor that makes a great product strategy is that it brings a solution to a problem that people are looking for. 

At Morphosis, we specialise in creating business models and product strategies that automate internal processes and solve user pain points in a scalable way. Next, we’ll explore how to develop an effective digital strategy that delivers real business results.

5 characteristics of a good digital product strategy:

  1. Determine key business goals and objectives
  2. Have a clear vision of the final product
  3. Identify the key pain points of target users
  4. Establish a competitive advantage within the market
  5. Be flexible and open to feedback

digital product strategy crafting

Developing a digital product strategy

Before developing a digital product, it is essential to have a strategy that will provide you and your team with a solid foundation to work on. This is our 3-step approach to crafting digital product strategies.

1Create a clear product vision

First, we need to establish our motivations for developing the digital product and use that to create a clear product vision. We do this by asking a variety of questions to our stakeholders, such as what their business goals are or what their long-term objectives for the digital product are.

A clear product vision will allow us to make productive changes or pivots throughout the design and development process without losing sight of the product’s goal.

With a clear product vision, we will also be able to set key milestones throughout the project’s development process, allowing us to effectively estimate the timeframe and budget required.

2Identify target users and discover their pain points

Next, we need to identify the digital product’s target users. Through conducting stakeholder interviews and doing market research, we can create web personas that will help inform who the product’s end users are.

Each user persona may include the following details:

  • Needs
  • Behaviours
  • Motivations 
  • Goals
  • Frustrations

By identifying the product’s target users with web personas, we can start to brainstorm a general design direction for the digital product that resonates with your target users.

3Discovering pain points

Once we know who our target users are, we then need to figure out their pain points. This will allow us to create a digital product that offers a direct solution for its target users.

To discover the most important user pain points, we use multiple UX research methods such as conducting user interviews, stakeholder interviews, field studies and more. 

UX research allows us to identify the most important features which the digital product should have, giving us a clear view of what the final product will look like at the end of the product development cycle. 

4Establish a USP

In today’s digital economy, customers are demanding more value from businesses, and providing the bare minimum is no longer a viable business strategy. To survive and grow your business in the digital era, you need a digital product that gives your business a unique selling point (USP).

For this reason, USP creation is a crucial part of forming a digital product strategy. Establishing a USP requires deep knowledge of your competitive landscape in order to find gaps in the market that can be filled by your new digital product.

In other words, finding a USP enables you to provide a better value proposition than your competitors, which in turns, increases the competitiveness of your business.

Key challenges in developing a digital product strategy

Needless to say, developing a full-scale digital product strategy comes with a plethora of challenges.

In this section, we’ll explore the four most common challenges to developing a digital product strategy and highlight how our teams at Morphosis manage to overcome them on a regular basis.

Budgetary restraints

Budgetary restraints are one of the most common challenges to developing a high-quality, long-lasting digital product. Hence, crafting a digital product strategy that stays within the budgetary limits is often a non-negotiable.

From working with multiple startups and corporate innovation teams throughout Southeast Asia, we have refined our process of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Hence, our digital product strategy will be focused on helping our clients build an MVP that would allow them to gain some initial traction in the market.

Afterwards, if the budget for the digital product grows, we can expand the product’s technical sophistication further down the line.

Employee pushback

Some digital products are aimed at automating internal processes and reducing overhead costs. However, new interfaces and processes can often face employee pushback from within the client’s company, as introducing change is rarely done without some initial resistance.

This is why we make sure we incorporate client-employees when conducting stakeholder interviews. By gathering insights from those directly involved in business operations, we can develop a backend solution that is intuitive for the client’s employees, lowering the chance of employee pushback.

Audience ambiguity

Audience ambiguity is a common challenge for B2C businesses, as their wide range of audience can often lead to confused and incoherent marketing messages.

We create digital product strategies that directly address this challenge by leveraging our strengths in UX research to identify user personas, their behaviour online, as well as their expectations when using a new digital product.

Our research-led approach to digital product strategy lets us eliminate some of this ambiguity for our clients, allowing them to position their new digital product more strongly and effectively within competitive markets.

Functional practicality

Unnecessary technical requirements can lead to huge hiccups and delays in a product’s design and development process. Oftentimes, we come across clients who want to develop extremely complex features that will never be touched by the end users.

To save time and money for our clients, we’ve developed a two-pronged approach to address unnecessary technical requirements that are being made.

  1. UX Research: We conduct in-depth user research to identify the features that are necessary for the digital product’s success.
  2. Agile Practice: Using Agile methodologies throughout our design and development processes, we continuously test and validate design and development decisions, allowing us to spot feasibility issues early on.

From working with a wide range of clients throughout the globe, we are able to refine how we craft digital products strategies to yield the highest ROI for our clients.

Our digital product strategy services

With more than 15 years of experience in the digital product design and development fields, we offer a wide range of personalised digital product strategy services catered to each individual client.

Our services cover all aspects of creating a digital product, from website audit and user experience research to conversion rate optimisation and digital transformation consulting. Here are the digital product strategy services we provide at Morphosis:

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Faster site speed
  • Increase in mobile responsiveness
  • Improve product accessibility 
  • Identify live user behaviour
  • Achieve performance goals

Growth Strategy

  • Define your business’s direction
  • Data analysis and research
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Scalable digital solutions

Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Create a tailored, pragmatic and strategic digital solution
  • Collaborative and innovative teams
  • End-to-end digital product design and development
  • Prepare your business for digital disruptions

A/B Testing

  • Testing different versions of designs 
  • Collect valuable data
  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Generate hypotheses
  • Craft new ideas for growth

Industries we’ve worked with

Our digital product strategy team has worked with industry leaders throughout Asia. We treat our clients as business partners, helping them scale their digital platforms with strategic product development practices.

This approach has allowed us to expand our global portfolio and work with the following industries:

Financial services

  • Tours & Activities
  • OmiseGo
  • 2C2P

News & Entertainment

  • BBC
  • TopGear
  • Burda Thailand


  • Ascend
  • Ocean Glass
  • Das Intergroup

Travel & Hospitality

  • Agoda
  • AskAva
  • Gogoji
  • Co van Kessel


  • Manulife
  • Oohoo


  • Bangkok Hospital
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital

Food delivery

  • Food Panda


  • BCG


  • Redd

Real Estate

  • Arthur Online
  • Home Connect


  • Starfish
  • AIP Internship

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