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Morphosis is an ROI-driven digital agency. We are experts in developing impactful mobile applications that help our clients grow their online revenue. 

Our agile development teams, led by Scrum-Certified project managers, develop key mobile application features in two-week sprints, allowing our clients to continually monitor the development progress of their digital product and make changes along the way. 

These processes give us the flexibility to adapt to requirement changes on the go, shortening turnaround times and reducing unnecessary costs throughout the project timeline. 

Learn more about our premium mobile app development services below.

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We have cultivated a highly capable app development team that has worked on a plethora of projects for Asia’s biggest brands.

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Our work with Ask Ava

We fully developed an innovative mobile application that aims to connect villa-goers with holiday amenities that are typically only provided by traditional hotels and resorts. 

As a mobile concierge application, AskaAva allows tourists to book transportation from the airport, order food for delivery, get their laundry done, and other leisure activities from within the app.

We helped AskAva create a mobile application from scratch, from conducting user experience research and UX design to mobile app development. 

By incorporating extensive research in our processes, we are able to understand the most important user pain points. This enabled us to prioritise developing the most impactful features directly into the application, including a built-in chatting feature that allows users to contact their landlords, as well as emergency services. 

Morphosis has helped us tremendously through designing and developing our booking platform from the ground up. Business ideas for the platform were validated fast with Morphosis, allowing us to save significant amounts of time and resources in return for a scalable solution.

Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen Co-Found & CEO at Ask Ava

Our work with Gogoji

We created a seamless mobile application that serves as an online booking platform. 

Aimed at capturing younger audiences, we complemented our development capabilities with UX research and strategy, allowing us to build a tech savvy digital product equipped with meaningful features.

We developed a backend platform that accommodates various third-party APIs, including AISoft and Amadeus, creating a seamless experience for users wanting to book flights straight from the platform.

Furthermore, we also built a bespoke business intelligence toolkit that delivers first-hand market insights, while also allowing the Gogoji team to manage customer requests more effectively.

Their dynamic team is committed to working closely with us as partners throughout the entire project. Most importantly, they’ve created an amazing travel booking platform that truly resonates with our younger audiences.

Sani Paimsuppasup VP, Gogoji

Industries we’ve worked with

In the past 15 years, we have been providing quality UX design and product development services to a wide array of industries, including: 


  • SCB
  • OmiseGo
  • 2CP


  • BBC
  • TopGear
  • Burda Thailand


  • Ascend
  • Ocean Glass
  • Das Intergroup


  • Ascend
  • AskAva
  • Gogojii
  • Jon Van Kessel


  • Manulife
  • Oohoo


  • Bangkok Hospital
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital


  • Food Panda


  • BCG


  • Redd


  • Arthur Online
  • Home Connect


  • Starfish
  • AIP Internship

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Premium Android & iOS mobile app development services

Our approach to mobile app development revolves around meeting the business needs of our clients.

We have over a decade of experience in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, as well as building responsive mobile web applications across different operating systems. 

These are the three principles that have made us a leading mobile app development company in Thailand:

1Clients as partners

We view all our clients as business partners. We are heavily invested in helping you grow your business through providing seamless mobile applications for the digital era. For this reason, we conduct extensive stakeholder workshops at the beginning of all our projects.

2Agile project management

Our agile approach to mobile app development gives our clients an unrivaled level of flexibility throughout the mobile app’s development process. By working in two week sprints, we can ensure you that the most important features of your mobile application are being prioritised. 

3Fully integrated design & development teams

As a digital consultancy that specialises in UX strategy, the combination of our UX & UI design expertise and our development capabilities is what sets us apart from the competition. We take pride in the fact that our design and development teams are consistently aligned regardless of which project we are working on. 

Our unique approach to mobile app development complements our end-to-end digital services. Learn more about our full service package below.

Morphosis employees working

Why we choose hybrid solutions for mobile app development

When providing mobile app development services, our goal is always to help our clients reduce unnecessary costs, develop premium digital products and maximise their ROI.

For this reason, we have chosen hybrid solutions like React Native as our core mobile app development technology. 

However, hybrid solutions can often be misunderstood by our clients. Below are some common questions and misconceptions about hybrid solutions for mobile app development.

Is developing a hybrid solution more time-consuming?

By using hybrid technologies, we are able to deploy and deliver mobile applications to our clients at a much faster pace when compared to using other native technologies like Java and Kotlin or Objective-C and Swift. 

This is because a large part of the application development process is applicable across multiple operating systems. Essentially, instead of building two apps for Android and iOS, we are building one app that works for both platforms. 

Additionally, as most of the code used in web applications can be reused again in the React Native environment, our developers are able to quickly build new mobile applications without the need to start coding again from scratch.

Do hybrid solutions lead to more bugs?

By delivering the same app on two platforms, we are able to streamline our debugging process, reducing the total number of bugs, as well as the overall debugging time. 

This is because hybrid solutions like React Native lower the number of bugs that are specific to each operating system, allowing developers to fix more bugs that are present across multiple platforms.

Are hybrid solutions more expensive than native solutions?

Whether it’s the high level of flexibility, reduced turnaround times or streamlined debugging process, investing in developing a mobile app with hybrid technologies is much more cost-effective than with native solutions.

By developing a single platform that is applicable across multiple operating systems, we can shorten the development timeframe, reduce the amount of resources necessary and ultimately, lower cost of the entire project for our clients. 

Do hybrid solutions lead to poorer app performance?

Despite its advantages, hybrid solutions are not suitable for all types of mobile applications. However, unless you are looking to build a high-performance app such as a 3D mobile game, hybrid technologies offer the same capabilities as native apps minus the cost.

Whether you are aiming to launch your new Ecommerce store or build an online booking platform, hybrid solutions will provide you with seamless performance that is virtually indistinguishable from an app built with native solutions.

Do apps built with hyrbid solutions have a different look and feel?

Here are two reasons why hybrid apps developed by our team will have the same look and feel as native apps.

  1. The React Native code is actually compiled into the native Android and iOS code, meaning that React Native apps will have the exact same look and feel as native apps. 
  2. We can complement our app development capabilities with our UX design expertise, allowing us to build mobile apps that are simple and intuitive, offering great experiences for the end users.

Are hyrbid solutions a better option than native solutions?

Ultimately, whether a hybrid app is the best solution for you will depend on what kind of mobile app you are aiming to build. For most digital products such as Ecommerce stores and online booking platforms, hybrid apps are a far more flexible and cost-effective solution. 

Furthermore, hybrid apps also offer superior cross-platform integration than native apps. This is because hybrid apps allow different operating systems to share most of the code, enabling us to deliver better cross-channel experiences to the users, seamlessly connecting Android, iOS and desktop websites.

This means you will be able to offer a more integrated and immersive omnichannel experience to your target audience, helping you stand out from the competition in today’s competitive digital landscape.

ux user interview

End-to-end digital solutions

We’ll help you build your new mobile app from the ground up.

With Morphosis, you will be able to leverage our in-house design, development, research and strategy teams to help you digitise and scale your business. 

Whether you are aiming to launch a new digital product or looking to streamline and automate your internal processes, we are able to offer end-to-end digital services that guarantee ROI maximisation. 

Our complete service package includes:

Meet our team

At Morphosis digital consultancy, we have a vibrant team of experienced mobile app developers who are focused at delivering impactful results for our clients. 

We fully embody the belief that ‘people come first’, putting the wellbeing of our employees, the interests of our individual clients, or most importantly, the needs and desires of the end users at the forefront of everything we do.
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