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What is SEO?

A sustainable revenue channel.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing organic traffic to your website by making your pages appear on the first page of Google for keywords that are relevant for your business. 

When executed properly, an SEO campaign can open up an entirely new, long-lasting revenue stream for your business.

What does SEO involve?

  • Targeting the most relevant keywords to your business
  • Implementing technical fixes to help search engines better understand your website
  • Producing quality content that engages users
  • Acquiring natural backlinks through content promotion & outreach

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Why is SEO important for your marketing strategy?

Growing website traffic beyond paid advertisement.

Paid advertisement is crucial for your marketing strategy, but relying on paid traffic alone makes your website traffic money dependent, short-term and unscalable. In other words, your business could be stuck in what is known as: “The vicious cycle of paid advertisement”

Your traffic dwindles

After your paid campaign ends

Without SEO, your traffic will plummet right after your advertisement campaign ends.

No sustained presence

Customers start to forget your brand

Making it difficult to stay relevant in a competitive business landscape.

A vicious cycle

An over-reliance on paid-ads

You will then need to pump more money into ads to sustain any real traffic to your online platform

Traffic without SEO

Make SEO your competitive advantage

Plant your SEO seed today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

As the best source of long-term, scalable traffic for your business, SEO’s ROI potential can go beyond any other form of digital marketing. 


A holistic SEO strategy can guide your users throughout their entire purchase journey, from discovering your business through to conversion.

How SEO strengthens your marketing funnel: 


Makes it easier

For users to discover your business on search.


Engages users

Even before they visit your website.


Builds trust

With your audience through ranking on the first page of Google.


Increases conversions

Through growing your organic traffic.

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Impact Story – BurdaLuxury

Using Technical SEO and Content Strategy to build Thailand’s #1 Education Platform.

BudaLuxury was looking to build & scale a comprehensive education platform – AllEduGuide – that connects affluent Thai & Expatriate parents with the right education options for their child. 

Through focusing on technical SEO & content strategy, we were able to achieve exponential growth in organic traffic 12 months after the platform’s launch. 

108% increase in organic traffic

12 months after platform launch

700+ Keywords in the 1st page of Google

Exponential growth 6 months after launch

30K+ schools listed across 4 countries

Thailand’s largest education platform

4 Simple Steps to SEO Success

A user-centric approach to SEO.

We’ve refined our SEO recipe into four phases that will give you the best results when it comes to growing your organic traffic. 

Learn about your technical, on-page & content issues with a full SEO Audit.

Our creative process

Fix all your technical SEO issues to create a solid foundation for your website.

Growth graphic

Improve your SEO strength with impactful keyword research & content strategies.

Join our team graphic

Evaluate your progress through monthly reporting and SEO health checks.

Technical SEO Team

Our Full SEO Audit Process

Discover all your SEO issues and uncover growth opportunities.

Discover all the issues that are preventing you from ranking on the first page of Google

Our unique SEO audit process is designed to dissect your competitor’s SEO strategy, identify all technical issues on your website, and devise an SEO campaign roadmap that will take you to the top of Google’s search results. 

We audit for 70+ issues, covering three main pillars.

  • Competitive analysis: Uncover your competitors’ SEO strategy.
  • Technical SEO: Establish a strong foundation for your website.
  • On-Page SEO & Content Strategy: Develop captivating SEO content that increases your organic visibility and strengthens your brand.

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Get results fast with our SCRUM SEO process

Flawless execution by technical SEO professionals.

Leverage our strengths in software development to solve complex technical SEO issues on your website. Working as a SCRUM team, our SEO process has an unrivalled level of transparency and technical finesse.

By working in two-week sprints, you’ll be able to inspect and review our work at the end of every sprint, guaranteeing that meaningful progress is being achieved, getting you closer to ranking on the first page at the end of every month. 

Finally, we don’t provide one-size-fits-all fixes and implementations. Each member of our technical SEO team is specialised in fixing specific issues on your website, ensuring that you are getting bespoke technical SEO solutions throughout the entire campaign.


Start ranking on the 1st page of Google

Keyword-targeted content strategies that put you ahead of your competitors.

Whether it’s your home page, product pages, or informational blogs, creating content blindly without keyword research could mean that your website gets no relevant traffic at all. It’s why more than 90% of all web content gets absolutely no traffic from Google (Ahrefs)

By investigating how your users search for your products and services, you can better target keywords that will make your website show up on search when it counts

Identify keywords with high search volume & low competition.

Create a content strategy that targets the right keywords for your business.

Growth graphic

Launch promotion & outreach campaigns to start earning natural backlinks.

Morphosis employees working

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Unlock the next tier of growth for your business. 

Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your budgets and unique requirements. We’re excited to help you gain consistent and scalable traffic to your website, putting you ahead of your competitors. 

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