UX Research and Strategy

Satisfy your customers and increase your ROI with bespoke UX research and strategy.

How can user insights benefit your business?

Addressing the right user-problems is key to the success of a digital product. However, most businesses today still don’t have adequate access to relevant information about their own customers.

This is why analysing user behaviours can make the difference between a digital product strategy that brings in customers and one that drives them away.

To find out whether your customers are happy with your online platform, a thorough and comprehensive UX research process is absolutely necessary.

Learn more about UX research and strategy in the following sections:

What is UX research and strategy?

UX research: An innovative method of gaining valuable customer insights on how they interact with your online business. 

How is this different from simply conducting a survey?

UX research gives you first-hand data based on interactions that actually occur on your platform. It is, by far, the most reliable method of getting user insights.

UX strategy: A digital strategy that increases ROI by addressing user experience issues.

With both UX research and UX strategy, you will be able to discover and solve crucial user experience issues on your digital platform, including:

  • The customers’ motivations
  • Their pain points 
  • How they researched your product
  • What they disliked about your platform
  • And more
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Our approach to UX research

At Morphosis, our teams work with a ‘get it done’ attitude, prioritising quality research to craft impactful UX strategies. 

To achieve this, we have adopted three strategies in our UX research approach, including: design thinking, lean and agile methodologies. 

  • Design thinking: Design thinking is used throughout all our processes. From ideation to testing, we make sure that hidden user pain points are uncovered in our UX research process.
  • Lean methodology: We’ve cultivated a fast-paced, collaborative and efficient work environment at Morphosis to speed up UX research processes for our clients.
  • Agile methodology: Having our own in-house development team, we’ve learnt to implement agile practices throughout all our processes. For UX research, Agile helps us to rigorously conduct user interviews and user testing sessions to deliver valuable insights to our clients. 

With that said, our approach to UX research can be divided into two aspects: quantitative research and qualitative research. 

  1. Quantitative research: When conducting quantitative UX research, we focus on gathering numerical data about how users interact with your digital product. This includes monitoring the number of clicks on CTA buttons, the drop off rate, the number of pages per interaction, and so on.
  2. Qualitative research: When it comes to qualitative research, we aim to identify the nuances within your digital platform. Through conducting user interviews, we aim to find areas in the platform which users find confusing or unpleasant, so that we can then create a UX strategy that solves these issues.

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What does UX research and strategy involve?

With 15+ years of experience in UX research and strategy, our UX team has developed a truly practised and proven method to gain customer insights on how they view your digital product.

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Stakeholder Interviews

Designed to gain a full understanding of the project requirements.

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User Interviews

Conducted to identify user motivations, expectations and pain points.

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Web Persona

Created based on real user demographics to help us brainstorm a digital strategy.

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Affinity Mapping

Used to consolidate user research findings into patterns and themes.

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Customer Journey Mapping

To visualise the entire process that users go through before making a conversion.

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User Testing

Conducted to validate design flows and gain first-hand feedback from real users.

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The complete 8-step UX research method

We have devised a detailed and holistic UX research method that delivers real results. 

By going beyond simply conducting UX research, our UX team is trained to both identify user experience problems and craft UX strategies to address them. 

With that said, this is our complete 8-step UX research method:

UX research method

1Stakeholder workshops

We kick off our UX research process by running workshops with our clients. These workshops will give us a clear idea of the technical requirements and preferred design directions of the project. 

Stakeholder interviews and workshops will also allow us to gain input from our clients about current UX issues on their digital platform. We can then validate these concerns during the user interview phase. 

Finally, workshops give us the opportunity to brainstorm UX / UI design ideas that will directly address user pain points, which can then be stretched out in further detail when we start forming a UX strategy.  

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2Competitive analysis

Our second step involves running a detailed competitor benchmarking process, which involves researching design trends in the industry, identifying areas of opportunities for UX improvement in competitor platforms, discovering industry best-practices and more. 

Competitive analysis is a crucial step of UX research as it informs and contextualises our research goals and hypotheses before conducting user interviews.

ux ui strategy morphosis

3UX analytics

Next, we use UX analytics tools to monitor how users currently interact with your digital platform. 

Through combining different analytical tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics, as well as UXCAM and Firebase, our UX team has developed a systematic method of gathering and compiling UX analytics data for all our clients. 

With this step, we can form a general overview of who your users are and how they interact with your digital platform. This includes their age, demographics, the drop off rate, the conversion rate and more. 

After analysing the data, we compile a short and concise report, summarising all our findings for our clients. 

ux analytics and hotjar map

4User interviews

Now comes the most important step of our UX research process – user interviews. 

After drafting our interview questions based on the stakeholder workshop and data from UX analytics, we start gathering users who are willing to come in for an interview with our UX research team. 

User interviews shed light on how customers interact with your digital product.

As the feedback comes directly from real users, these interviews can help us discover unanticipated UX problems. We can then address these problems when crafting a UX strategy further down the line.

Like the UX analytics step, we will also create a summary report, highlighting all our research findings for our clients after the interviews.

ux user interview

5Web personas

Web personas are a concrete representation of real users, detailing their needs, desires, motivations, fears, pain points and so on. 

We create user personas based on the data gathered from the user interview sessions and any additional research our team has done. With a general understanding of the users, we can move on to start creating affinity maps.  

6Affinity mapping

Affinity maps are a method of organising data and ideas into themes and patterns. These maps allow us to consolidate all our UX research findings to gain a clearer understanding of the users’ experience on your digital platform. 

By using affinity maps, we can dig deeper into each theme and pattern to identify user pain points and start brainstorming ways to solve them.

7Customer journey mapping

Customer journey maps are a visualisation of the different interactions users make with your digital platform before converting to a paying customer. 

An effective customer journey map highlights the key touchpoints between the customer and the platform, from discovery and interest to conversion. 

By drafting customer journey maps, we can start to form a UX strategy that puts users at the centre of every design decision. 

customer journey map

8UX strategy

Finally, we are ready to start crafting a digital strategy that focuses on improving UX. We believe a solid UX strategy has the following three characteristics: results-driven, user-centric and technical viability

  • Results-driven: Our UX strategies are focused on bringing business benefits for our clients. We help our clients cut costs by eliminating all design decisions that are merely “for the sake of design.”
  • User-centric: Users are the foundation of our UX strategies. From research to execution, we are experts in improving user experience to increase conversions for businesses.
  • Technical viability: Whether we are working with our own in-house development team or with an external team, we make sure that our design strategies can be developed without requiring excessive additional resources.

When conducting UX research and crafting a UX strategy, it is absolutely crucial that we leave no stones unturned. 

With our complete 8-step UX research method, we are able to gather invaluable customer insights on any given digital platform in a fast and systematic way. 

“Jeremie and his team helped us convert our initiatives and product concept into a live web application with a strong focus on users through a professional process of UX/UI design. From conducting user research and building user personas to developing a full user interface design, Morphosis has always been a reliable partner that delivers high-quality work in a timely manner. I have absolutely enjoyed working with them over the past two years. Morphosis is the perfect partner for any UX/UI design in Bangkok!”

Siriwat Seributra Director of Product Development at Starfishlabz.com

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