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Challenges in User Interview

By Nunteema Supapon on Jan 20, 2020

Interview is one of the most common methods used in user research. There are plenty of techniques to do it properly. However, even though you are certain that you have ticked all the how-to-do-good-interview checkboxes, there are still unforeseen challenges that you have no control over. As a UX designer, here I have collected some […]

Inclusive UX Design: Why designing for the extreme benefits everyone

By Jakrayut Vetthanasuk on Jan 15, 2020

Imagine a playground filled with only 1 type of swing and it requires you to be a specific height with 2 arms and 2 legs. Evidently, the only people who will come are people who are compatible with the swing, simply because the design welcomes them and no one else. Despite that, there are various […]

Gamification: Make your boring app fun

By Treerat Tirachaimongkol on Jan 15, 2020

We play, when it’s fun. We work, when it’s not. People have been playing games for millennia, one of the oldest games that are still played today like Go was invented in China 2,500 years ago. Modern video games also borrow may principles from the board games of the past, but they also introduced new […]

Stakeholders in UX Workshop

By Treerat Tirachaimongkol on Jan 14, 2020

UX workshop is a common method in the design process. It is used for several purposes such as aligning everyone and brainstorming. It is kind of a meeting that everyone gets a chance to contribute something. Workshop can be very useful if done right, however it can get tricky to manage especially when stakeholders are […]

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