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Arthur Online is a platform for Property Managers and Property Owners who need a solution to manage their properties, applicants, tenants, contractors and financials all in one place.

When they first approached us 2 years ago, they were only interested in doing a quick redesign of their web application.

However after discussing their business goals and objectives, we discovered they actually wanted to reduce churn rate, increase revenue and improve overall user satisfaction. After analyzing their website it became clear that a design cosmetic would not help them reach their objectives and solve these issues. They needed a proper strategy and redesign if they wanted to succeed.

The Solution

What we did

For this project, we offered to redesign entirely the platform to simplify the flow and user experience, create a modern and professional design that match the needs of our target audience and position Arthur as one of the leading online Property Management platforms in the UK. This is an ongoing project and been helping our clients for the past two years and counting. The new design helped them secure investment funds in 2017 and acquire and retain customers for the long term.

We were recommended to Jeremie and the team at Morphosis by our developers. They work quickly and efficiently and we would highly recommend Morphosis for all design aspects of any business.

Rochelle Trup, Director

In order to reduce churn rate and improve the overall user satisfaction and experience, we first had to clearly understand the business and industry of our client. We analyzed the different tasks each user group had to undertake on the website and we took into account the different technology constraints the platform was built on before redesigning it. From this research we created different layout models, flows and navigation to solve this complex problem.

Versions of dashboards for Arthur online
Over the last two years we experimented with six different versions of the dashboard and gathered feedback from the users to keep improving the information architecture. This version was a clear winner for property managers and we received a very positive feedback.

After 2-3 weeks playing and testing different layout models, it was now time to apply this model to different sections of the website to see if it worked. Apart for a few sections that required a custom layout design, it didn’t break. This architecture model still holds strong after two years and we haven’t made any major changes to it since then. Feedback from users has been instantly positive on the launch of the new design and our client saw the impact of that design on their business rather quickly. They have been working with us since then.

Since this release our design keeps evolving. We have been tweaking, refining and improving it as more features and information gets implemented into the interface.

Functional Website interface
The old website interface. Functional but not usable.

Let’s Dig into it

Below are just a very small glimpse to what we did for Arthur Online. In total, we designed more than 570+ screens at the time this article and this does not include the work we did for the mobile apps.

Morphosis designs for Arthur Online

One of our tasks for 2019 is to create a very compelling on-boarding process and flow for property managers first and later for tenants. Arthur is a very complex platform and creating a good on-boarding process will be critical to retain and engage users on the platform after registration. For now, we started doing a very simple on-boarding process and this is something that will require a lot more research and work later this year.

Morphosis created an on-boarding system
A good on-boarding system is contextual. To be really effective, these on-boarding help guides or tips need to be displayed at the right time in the right place.

In the past year, we added or refined a lot the sections on Arthur: call credit, up-sells, digital signatures, document storage… Below is the new credit check design. Credit check helps property managers understand if tenants pay on time and if you should allow them to get a credit or not. Statistics were a critical part for property managers to make a decision so it had to be prominent.

One of the many features on the Arthur platform is the option for property managers to send documents to their tenants and get them to sign digitally. Our team at Morphosis did extensive research about current online solutions and created a simple, elegant and highly functional solution for our client.

Among many other things, property managers can upload and store all their documents on Arthur and then categorize them under tags and collections to allow them to quickly and easily find past documents.

Mobile Apps for Android & iOS

One year after we started on this project, we designed the mobile app for tenants. Because this app was targeted to a younger audience, we simplified and modernized it while still keeping the Arthur look & feel. We also designed mobile apps for contractors and property managers later in the project.

Tenant mobile app for Android.


In the past two years, our team worked really hard on this project and we are very grateful to be part of this journey and contribute to their success. Arthur is by far one of the most complex and challenging project we ever had a chance to work on and we learned a lot during that time.

It has been a pleasure to be able to turn this product into a solid and mature solution. Of course, there’s still a long way to go but we believe we helped our client set a strong foundation for their business to work on and improve. It will be interesting to see where Arthur will go in the upcoming years.

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