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Devi was born out of a dissatisfaction with current HR & Payroll systems. We had been looking for one for a while but none really fit our need at the time. Either they were too complicated, old fashioned or just too basic. Another problem we encountered is that most of the good systems came from western countries and they are not really compliant with the Asian laws, taxes and regulations.

Our assumption was that our product would appeal most to small SMEs, 15-30 people, and mostly in the Tech sector. To validate our hypothesis, we conducted market research amongst other small digital agencies. It turned out that most people we interviewed shared similar interest in such product but to our surprise, not only small SMEs were interested. Businesses from different sizes and across various industries wanted in.

Note: this is not a promotional article. You can decide to use Devi or not. It is up to you. In this post we will only cover the work we did from a design and development perspective. 

What we did

Since the beginning, we wanted a very modern look for Devi while having a very simple, elegant and functional interface. We also wanted Devi to be your assistant as a manager. Therefore, our system puts a strong focus on automation and notifications to help the busy managers save time on a daily basis.

The full system was built to be modular and flexible. Is a field missing? Just add a custom field. Does your country have additional taxes that is not in the system? Just add new tax fields.

One Big Challenge

When we started Devi, we knew it would be a big challenge and we knew we had to break it down if we wanted to succeed. We first designed something very rough just to start putting things together and refined the interface over time.

The designs you will see below are out third major iteration of the design. The first two designs did not really work in terms of flow and navigation. This latest design addresses most of these issues and we are constantly tweaking the design to make sure users have a very positive experience using our platform. So far the feedback has been really positive. One of the first comments we get from new users is that our interface is really intuitive and easy to use. All the hard work paid off.

If we want our system to retain and engage users, a good user on-boarding is critical to that success.

A good HR system is only valuable if managers and HR officers can record employees information for the future. Devi allows managers to record bonuses, salary raises, upload documents, store bank information securely, etc.

One thing we learned during our market research was that Thai companies really wanted to have attendance in the system to let their employees clock-in and clock-out. This is something we didn’t have initially in our plan and we are currently developing a solution to address this problem. The screenshot below is a work in progress.

One of the main features of Devi is the ability to automate and remind managers of all important events or tasks. Our event system in Devi plays a very central role.

Payroll is one of the major key component of Devi. We created a very simple yet flexible system. Managers can add as many taxes or earnings as they wish. There’s no limitations to how many you can have in Devi.

It was also important to get the UX right for the payroll. Creating payslips for employees is a very tedious work and no errors can be allowed. It was important to make sure managers can easily browse through each employee quickly while editing to make sure all information is correct before saving it. We did extensive research and competition analysis before settling down for this solution:


Working on Devi has been a very challenging project but also a great learning experience. It taught everyone at Morphosis to be more organized and create design systems early on for such large projects to be able to quickly change multiple sections of a design across all pages in a short amount of time.

In the next few years, we will continue to improve and refine Devi based on customers’ feedback. A lot more effort will be put into improving each section rather than adding to it. We will soon also start thinking about on-boarding for both managers and employees.

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