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SoSyncd is a UK based company with markets in US, India and UK but with ambition to expand globally. What sets SoSyncd apart from other dating apps out there is that it has a unique algorithm that matches compatible personality types based on the respected Myers & Briggs test. It is the first time that a dating application is using this personality test in the context of finding love.

SoSyncd had already built an app in the past but encountered multiple issues with their previous vendor. The app had countless bugs and the retention was very low because a bad user experience and visuals. They approached us to help them redesign and rebuilt the mobile application from scratch as well as adding new features to it.

The solution

In less than 4 months, Morphosis achieved to redesign and rebuilt the mobile app for iOS and Android from the ground up along side a new landing website to advertise and market the app to the public.

Before designing the new app, we first conducted different UX workshops with the goal to uncover the business objectives, user needs and behaviors and ensure a clear understanding and direction for this project.

We then prioritized the list of features to be included in the initial version (MVP). With these objectives in mind, we refined the user flow, overall experience of the application with a brand new design direction to set a clear foundation for the business to build on in the future.

Once all designs were refined and approved, Morphosis helped build and deploy the mobile app to both Apple App Store and Android markets.

The app was an immediate success and client was able to get their second round of investment in only 3 months after launch. SoSyncd has since been mentioned numerous times in different online publications and is now on its way to compete against the likes of Tinder, Bumble and other big dating applications.

What’s Next?

Morphosis is still now working on phase 2 of this project which will include new features to give users more functionality and to keep improving the overall user experience.

+70% User Growth Rate

New users growth rate increased by +70% after launch.

+15% User Engagement

Users spend an average 5 mins per session on the app.

1 M. USD of investment

SoSyncd secured their second round of investment soon after launch.

Morphosis rebuilt our personality type dating app from scratch. Since we launched this new version, we have seen a significant increase in our daily active users. It gave investors confidence in our product and we closed a funding round shortly after. It has been amazing partnering with Morphosis. Everyone we have worked with has been flexible, accommodating and communicative. We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with them.

Jessica Alderson, CEO and Co-Founder

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