Our goal as consultants is to help you Transform, Grow and Sustain your business for the long term. We combine a design-first approach and agile methodology with fast iterations to help you build quality digital products that delight users and are aligned with your business’s bottom line.

With over 15+ years of experience as UX/UI designers and developers, we’ve worked with many of Thailand’s leading clients on game-changing digital projects. These include complex management systems, business intelligence dashboards, eCommerce solutions, marketplaces, insurance and financial platforms, booking platforms, OTAs, SaaS products, loyalty platforms and gamification systems. There’s no system too complex for us to handle. We excel at turning complex systems into simple and intuitive platforms.

Research & Strategy

We devise pragmatic user, market research and strategies to help you make the right decisions for your business.

When it comes to the success of your business, UX research and strategy is paramount to creating a winning digital product strategy for your website or app. Morphosis can help businesses get to the heart of what your users want, and advise which direction to take.

  • Focus Groups
  • Design Thinking
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • UX Workshops
  • User Interviews
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Web Personas
  • Customer Journey Mapping

UX / UI Design

UX design is about making the right choices for your users with the end goal to contribut to your bottom line.

Any project starts with UX design. Get it wrong and your chance to success will be null. At Morphosis, we understand the value of a well thought out strategy, and our design-driven approach takes into account user needs, behaviors and pain points to drive the right business decisions, and ultimately increase revenue.

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is the backbone of your website, app or software. It’s all about organizing the content in a way that makes sense to your users.

User Interface design

We rely on our research to make creative choices that help your designs resonate with users on all levels.

User Testing & Validation

We recommend testing often to reduce assumptions and validate early on in the project to save money and time.


Our engineers and architects create high performance, compliant and secure systems to ensure a smooth experience for your users.

At Morphosis, our digital product development team works under proven agile methodologies, with 2-week sprints to release early and often.

We work with a variety of open source and modern technologies such as Laravel, PHP 7, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React.js, Ionic, ReactNative, elastic search, etc, and do various integrations with different types of systems. We also offer ongoing support and Service Level Agreements (SLA) to assist you in the long term.

Agile process

Provides flexibility to adjust to changes in requirements.

Unit Testing

Check, improve quality of the code; identifies every defect.

UAT Testing

Test whether required business functions are operating.


Track bugs and new features for software releases.


Whatever roadmap our clients may have in the future, we are there to support it.

We are a digital consultancy committed to delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions. Together with our clients’ core capabilities, Morphosis delivers SEO services that will make an impact on your business in today’s competitive landscape.


Whether your goal is to increase engagement, acquisition, retention or simply increase your conversion and reduce drop off, we can help you at every step of the way.

A/B Testing

Using solid data, we test different versions of a design to understand which one converts the most

Google Funnels

Track user flows to reduce drop off rate. Small design changes can increase your revenue by 10x.


Track mouse clicks and scroll to clearly understand how far users go and what works and doesn’t.

Why us

Morphosis exists to make an impact on the business of our clients, not just to execute ideas. We partner to form an integral part of your team and work closely at every stage of the project to deliver expertly tailored solutions based on business requirements and goals. We believe that if we help our clients grow, we grow with them.

Our Expertise

From startup to scale up, we help business of all sizes and from different industries to discover and communicate their unique values.


Tours & Activities

Flights and Hotels

Online Travel Agencies

Saas Systems

Property Management

Inventory Platforms

HR & Payroll Systems


Online Courses

Live Streaming



Retail & Wholesale



Management Systems

Booking Platforms


Sales platforms

Claim & Insurance Management


Online Banking

Loan Applications

Portfolio Investments

Stock Exchange Platforms


Dating Apps

Social Networking Services

Social Music Platforms

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